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The Hungarian flag with the 1949-1956 coat of arms cut out of it. This became the symbol of Hungarians' fight for freedom from communist rule. Attribution: I, Guilherme Paula.

Welcome to the Hungary 1956 Wikia[]

A wiki set up to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956, and to explore the Cold War world in which it occurred.

What can be done here[]

  • Adding articles which are (reasonably) directly related to the theme of the wiki
  • Developing the articles.
  • Adding images, bibliography etc
  • Adding links to external resources - websites, films etc.
  • Translations or summaries of material in other languages.
  • Descriptions/summaries of books, films and other resources.
  • Some aspects of the wider world and the historical context in which the Revolution occurred, and also its impact.

General wiki conventions apply, but, unlike Wikipedia Original Research is welcome; and if interpretations of what happened, and events are presented from a particular viewpoint this should be made clear.

Various of the entries are being created from other-language Wikipedia pages via translation programs: they will be edited when this has been completed. If making use of such other language wikis the specific language should be noted.

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Rules for the Wiki[]

The standard rules of engagement here apply: contributions should also be relevant to the wiki.

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A destroyed Soviet T-34-85 in Budapest, 1956. The turret is lying behind the hull.

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